Collinsville, Oklahoma
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drivers beware after 10years of service and a million mile driver lets not mention several contracter of the month awards too my husband gets hurt on the job by falling off the truck and breaking his leg it permantly disabled him he can no longer drive conway truckload desides to fire him before he even finds out he is disabled then they find a quack of a dr to say nothing more can be done for his leg when another dr says there can be just so they can stop paying workers comp they have cost us to loose a home a car and our life so if you still want to drive for this company just keep in mind how they treat drivers that give them outstanding service for 10years

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Maybe this company is not unique. Unfortunately, once you aren't making them rich anymore, you're done. History and circumstances mean nothing at that point.


I work for conway frieght. this company is horrible.

there prices are overpriced, they treat there drivers like garbage, they work u 65-75 hrs a week then jump your *** when u get tired, they make u drive 11hrs a day then make u work the dock for another 6hrs after that. this company is by FAR the worst company i have ever worked for. they do not care about the drivers all they care about is if there freight moves from.their dock. the only cool people that work there are the drivers.

management would sell out their own for a *** klondike bar. i know. ive worked there for 3yrs.

i just put in my notice last week. thank god.


You consumers are a bunch of babies I have shipped with Conway freight many times they are always polite and bend over backwards to ensure quality service sure your wrapping may have a small tear or your box may have wrinkle or two. Maybe you should ship with Jesus freight andyour junk will float to your house on a nice fluffy cloud.

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